Human rights and your organisation

Your role as a business leader 

Protecting human rights in your work is about more than what’s happening in your business alone. 

Businesses are extending their commitments beyond their own workplace and looking to their suppliers for similar evidence of good human rights practices. 

They’re doing this by: 

  • establishing standards of performance suppliers must maintain to have a supply agreement
  • providing training to suppliers to ensure they understand what is required
  • auditing practice and compliance.

‘Stakeholders’ are people with rights too

To effectively identify and address all the human rights risks relevant to your business, you need to understand the perspectives of all the people who might be affected by your activities. 

This means engaging whenever you can with potentially affected people or their representatives. Where direct engagement isn’t possible, you can get insights into their perspectives through consultation with other stakeholder groups, and advice or reports from independent experts and human rights defenders. 

Businesses need to take extra care to ensure their operations don’t impact on individuals or groups that have special protections under international human rights law.

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