Migrants, refugees and newcomers

Representation for Newcomers

In the section below learn about how Newcomers are represented in New Zelaand, and through which bodies.

Immigration and Protection Tribunal

The Immigration and Protection Tribunal is a specialist, independent tribunal established in New Zealand under the Immigration Act 2009 with jurisdiction to hear appeals and applications regarding residence class visas, deportation, and claims to be recognised as a refugee or as a protected person.

The Tribunal is administered by the Ministry of Justice and is chaired by a District Court Judge, appointed by the Governor General on the recommendation of the Attorney-General.

Visit their website for more information on the Immigration and Protection Tribunal.

There are also other government and non-government organisations who can provide information and support to newcomers, as well as refugee and migrant networks.

New Zealand Now

New Zealand Now is a Government website run by Immigration New Zealand with lots of useful, reliable information to help migrants get settled. The website includes job hunting tips, tips for settling in, and advice on getting you and your family set up in New Zealand.

Immigration New Zealand

Immigration New Zealand is the New Zealand Government agency charged with handling all visa, immigration, and refugee applications.

For help or information as a refugee, visit their Refugee Status Branch.

For information or help regarding visas visit this section of the Immigration New Zealand website.

New Zealand Newcomers Network

The New Zealand Newcomers Network is a network of groups throughout New Zealand welcoming newcomers. Anyone can join. For more information visit their website.

Community Law Centre

Community Law Centre provides free legal help throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. To find your local Community Law Centre visit this website.

Citizens Advice Bureau

Citizens Advice Bureau provides free information about peoples rights and responsibilities. They work with people to provide pathways for resolving their issues.

Community Groups

There are a number of community groups in New Zealand. These groups are often organised around national origin, religion, language, or ethnicity. Many of these organisations are part of the New Zealand Diversity Action Programme which you can learn more about here. You can also visit this section of our website to learn more about these groups. 

More info

You can learn more about what help you can access as a Newcomer here.

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