Right to a decent home

Housing Inquiry

In August 2021 we launched guidelines on the human right to a decent home and inquiry into the housing crisis in Aotearoa New Zealand. Our Inquiry will go into communities to hear their experiences of finding housing.  We will publish short reports and recommendations on how the right to a decent home, grounded in Te Tiriti o Waitangi, could be realised. We are also publishing data to track Aotearoa’s progress towards realising the right. See measuring progress below to find data on housing affordability.

First report: Strengthening accountability and participation in the housing system

This first report considers two key features of the right to a decent home with particular attention to constructive accountability and public participation and engagement. We will publish more reports in 2022. What makes up the human right to a decent home is outlined in the illustration below.

Available formats and related files

Housing Inquiry — First Report: Strengthening Accountability and Participation in the Housing System

Te Uiui Whai Whare — Pūrongo Tuatahi: Te Whakapakari i te Haepapatanga, i te Whakaurunga ki te Pūnaha Whai Whare