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Pink Shirt Day

Pink Shirt Day was started by students in Canada in 2007 in an attempt to take a stand against homophobic bullying, and quickly went international. 

Two peers, David and Travis, stood up for a new year 10 student who was being harassed for wearing pink and the following day, distributing dozens of pink shirts to their classmates in order to show their support. The world spread online, and the following day, hundreds of classmates were wearing pink in order to stand against homophobic bullying. 

New Zealand has been celebrating since 2009, and while the reason for celebrating has come to encompass many forms of bullying, the roots remain in fighting against homophobia. 

It is a way of celebrating diversity and promoting positive social relationships in a community that feels safe and in which members can feel valued and respected. 

Pink Shirt Day is led by the Mental Health Foundation, with support from: The Peace Foundation, RainbowYOUTH, InsideOUT, New Zealand Post Primary Teachers’ Association, Youthline and Family Works.

Visit the NZ website for more information.