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New Zealand Diversity Forum

Aotearoa New Zealand is at a cultural crossroads. With racial intolerance on the rise globally as well as closer to home: What challenges do we see in our everyday lives? What kind of future do we want for Aotearoa? What can we do now to safeguard the future? JOIN US to help us answer these questions at New Zealand’s 12th Diversity Forum: Te Anga Whakamua / Future Focus 2016

Our keynote speaker Deng Adut is living proof that humanity can always triumph over inhumanity. Kidnapped when he was 6, Deng endured life as a child soldier in Sudan before being granted refugee status by the Australian Government at the age of 11. When he was 15 he taught himself how to read. By the time he was a young adult he was living in his car and putting himself through university. Deng is now a leading human rights lawyer, advocate, mentor and community leader. 

“I remind every youthful migrant to remember and cherish where you came from. It is your grounding, just as important to you as this land is to the traditional owners of this place. Your parents and relatives made sacrifices for your freedom to be here without fear. You must have a dream that takes you up and beyond any past trauma and turmoil. We are special, each and every one of us. You are special to this nation and you ought to listen to your heart and take hold of opportunities.”

Deng Adut, Sudanese Australian and unforgettable Human Rights Advocate 


Tickets for the NZ Diversity Forum 2016 are no-longer available. Join us on Twitter or Facebook on Thursday 1 September to follow the forum. The sessions will be recorded and posted on the Commission's YouTube channel. #NZDiversityForum

Forum Programme

You can view the programme for the 2016 New Zealand Diversity Forum here

About the Forum

The New Zealand Diversity Forum is a platform which brings together individuals and organisations to share ideas and good practice on cultural diversity and positive race relations.

Originally created in 2004 following a community response to the desecration of two Jewish Cemeteries, the Diversity Forum is organised and facilitated by the New Zealand Human Rights Commission with a focus on practical action.

Held towards the end of August, the forum is held in a different city each year, having been in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Hamilton.

Unique insight and perspectives are shared by a wide range of organisations, each offering their own particular forums on important topics including but not limited to refugee issue, cultural and workplace diversity, religion, language, and human rights. Keynote speakers round off the event, sharing new research and interesting experiences.

A cooperative enterprise, the Diversity Forum is a unique opportunity to gain a better understanding of the different needs, issues and interests of what is the varied and diverse society which make up today’s Aotearoa New Zealand.

2015 New Zealand Diversity Forum 

The 11th annual Diversity Forum, organised by the Human Rights Commission, was held at AUT’s Auckland campus on 9 September 2015. The theme for the 2015 forum was 'Empathy in the face of Diversity'. Learn more here.

Forum Sponsors and Partners

The New Zealand Diversity Forum is organised by the New Zealand Human Rights Commission and the following sponsors and partners: