Social inclusion

The Race Unity Speech Awards and Hui are initiatives of the New Zealand Baha’i Community, supported by the Human Rights Commission.

The Speech Awards are a platform for senior high school students to express their ideas on how we can improve race relations in Aotearoa. The Speech Awards give eloquent and thoughtful young people a chance to speak their minds and give the rest of New Zealand a chance to listen to the leaders of tomorrow.

The Speech Awards are held in support of Race Relations Day (21 March), and the topic for the Speech Awards is often aligned with the theme for Race Relations Day. Race Unity Hui are spaces where young people advance the conversation about race relations in Aotearoa. All people aged 15-30 are welcome to deepen their understanding of race issues and share their thoughts on how we can become more just and unified as a society.

The Race Unity Speech Awards is a speech competition for high school students that runs alongside Race Relations Day. The Human Rights Commission sets speech topic each year (usually to coincide with the theme for Race Relations Day).

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