Who Can Help?

Tīwhanawhana Trust 

  • A takatāpui community group based in Wellington that welcomes people of diverse sexualities and gender identity.  
  • Māori are the indigenous people of Aōtearoa New Zealand. Takatāpui  is a traditional Māori term meaning ‘intimate companion of the same sex.’ It has been reclaimed to embrace all Māori who identify with diverse sexes, genders and sexualities
  • The kaupapa or purpose of the group is primarily for takatāpui; building community, telling stories, and leaving a legacy that will inspire others. 


  • A national organisation dedicated to helping young queer, gender diverse, and intersex people up to the ages of 28, as well as their wider communities. 
  • As a drug, smoke and alcohol free organisation, they help foster a safe, inclusive, accepting, and diverse family environment. 
  • The “I’m Local” project has a focus on making LGBTIQ members from rural New Zealand feel valued and recognised by their local communities. 
  • RY offers a range of peer support groups which cater to queer and gender diverse youth of different ages and locations around Auckland, Whangarei, Tauranga, Rotorua, and Taranaki. 

Rainbow Wellington 

  • Focused on organising social activities for the Wellington LGBTIQ+ community. 
  • Supports campaigns that impact the community domestically and internationally, including adoption, blood donation, bisexuality, safer schools, and safer sports.


  • Works with youth, whānau, schools, and communities in order to make Aotearoa a safe place for all young people of diverse genders and sexualities to live and be in. 
  • Creates and provides resources, education, information and other relevant tools which engage youth to effectively set up and maintain queer straight alliances/diversity groups in their schools and take other actions to make their schools safer. 


  • FAFSWAG is a visual arts incubator for queer indigenous creatives working collaboratively to activate public and digital space and disavow false representations of queer brown identities and bodies through creativity and self expression. 
  • Driven by community, this is a creative platform for connectivity amongst young gay Pacific people navigating their unique identities within NZ’s urban jungles. 

Intersex Awareness NZ

  • An organisation that provides information, education, and training for organisations and professionals who provide services to intersex people and their families. 

Drum Beat

  • A group for caregivers of young people who are gender questioning 
  • Meets at 7.30pm on the first Thursday of the month at Level 1, 300 Great South Road, Greenlane (above but independent of the Parenting Centre). There is parking right outside and the venue is a short walk from the train station 
  • Email [email protected] for more details 

Gender Minorities Aotearoa

  • An organisation for transgender, takatāpui, intersex, and other gender minorities. 
  • Assist transgender, intersex and takatāpui people in having choices about their lives and their bodies, and in getting the things they need for well being. 
  • This includes changing identity documents, finding trans-friendly doctors, providing information about surgeries, connecting with community support groups, and finding emergency accommodation. 
  • Runs Aunty Dana's op shop, providing an opportunity for takatāpui, trans, and intersex people – as well as supportive others – to volunteer, gain work experience, and be part of a supportive social community. 

Village Collective: Rainbow Collective

  • Offers mentoring, support and events to contribute in building a supportive environment for the Pasifika Rainbow community. 

Holding Our Own (HOO)

  • Aim is to support parents and family through the difficulties that arise through a family member's coming out process. 
  • Helping to create a safe home by equipping parents and family members with knowledge. 

New Zealand Prostitutes Collective

  • Advocates for the rights, health and well-being of all sex workers. 
  • Provides information and services for people who are doing sex work or thinking about doing sex work. 


  • Provides a safe, fun and inclusive community for Auckland LGBTIQ+ Asians to socialise and support one another. 
  • Hosts monthly social events which are open to the Asian LGBTIQ+ community. 

People Against Prisons Aotearoa

  • Fights for incarcerated people with both advocacy and direct action. 
  • Aims to improve the immediate well-being of incarcerated people while challenging the existence of the criminal justice system itself. 


  • An active, peer to peer community organisation, providing support to transgender / gender diverse LGBTQI people, their whānau and friends throughout Aotearoa. 
  • Holds monthly socials in central Auckland, providing an opportunity to meet other trans people, network, make contacts and friends and be part of the vibrant local community. 

Common Ground 

  • A website for parents, whanau, and friends – to recognise and understand the difficult situations that young people go through in their lives, and understand the support system a young person might have around them.  
  • The "identity" section focuses on sexual orientation, gender identity, and cultural identity. 

New Zealand AIDS Foundation 

  • Focused on preventing the transmission of HIV and providing support for people living with HIV. 
  • Offers free HIV and STI testing; free counselling and support for people living with HIV, their friends and whānau, or anyone who is affected by HIV; and free condoms and lube to protect against HIV transmission during sexual intercourse. 

Body Positive Inc. 

  • Founded by and run for people with HIV/AIDS. 
  • Provides a broad range of services for people living with HIV in an attempt to break down the sense of isolation HIV+ people often experience and to build a sense of community. 


  • A confidential phone service for those in the LGBTIQ+ community. 
  • Helpline is staffed by self-accepting LGBTIQ+ people who have been trained to help others over the phone on issues around sexual identity. 
  • Also offers face to face counselling with experienced, professionally-qualified counsellors. We are specialists in gender identity and sexuality issues. 

Pacific Sexual and Gender Diversity Network

  • A network that represents the interests of people with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions and sex characteristics in the Pacific region. 

Pink Shirt Day Aotearoa 

  • Held every May, Pink Shirt Day aims to work together to stop homophobic and transphobic bullying by celebrating diversity and promoting positive social relationships. 
  • Seeks to create a community where all people feel safe, valued and respected, regardless of age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, or cultural background. 
  • Pink Shirt Day is led by the Mental Health Foundation to 'Speak Up. Stand Together. Stop Bullying.' 

CTU Out at Work 

  • The CTU [email protected] network is the Council of Trade Union's network for lesbian, gay, takatāpui, bisexual, intersex, transgender and fa'afafine union members. 

Box Oceania 

  • A family of peoples that aspire to: 
  • Boost voices and visibility for QTPOC+ living and loving under, within, over and beyond the rainbow in Moana Pasifika. 
  • Navigate ancestral knowledges to activate and support decol gender and sexuality work that  
  • Imagines and create futures inclusive of QTIPOC+ peoples and their families. 

Auckland Pride Festival 

  • A website for all of the events that take place at Auckland Pride Festival each February, and how you can get involved.