Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression, and Sex Characteristics

Your Right to Complain

What you can complain about

Human Rights Act 1993 – protects against discrimination based on the grounds of sex and sexual orientation 

Discrimination on the grounds of sex - includes pregnancy and childbirth, and discrimination against transgender and intersex people because of their sex or gender identity.

Discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation - being heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian or bisexual

When is discrimination against the law?

Discrimination is against the law when carried out in any of the following public areas:

  • Government or public sector activities
  • Employment Business partnerships
  • Education Public places, vehicles and facilities
  • The provision of goods and services
  • The provision of land, housing and accommodation
  • Industrial and professional associations, qualifying bodies and vocational training bodies. 

How to make a complaint

To find out how to make a complaint and the process that follows, click here.

This includes how to make a complaint in Chinese, Hindi, Samoan, Tongan, and New Zealand sign language, as well as how to make a complain as a person with a hearing or speech impediment.

Further advice and support

For further information on where you can find advice and support within New Zealand, visit our Advice and Support page here