Past projects

Wahine Kakano

Every year over 500 young women gather in Auckland and Rotorua to take part in New Zealand’s premier young women’s festival, Wāhine Kākano.

Wāhine Kākano brings together young women between the ages of 16 – 22 years to empower and inspire them through thought-provoking and relatable conversations on the issues many will face after school and university.

A range of high-profile speakers usually share their own experiences of the challenges they faced and how they overcame them. It’s a fun and engaging way to equip young women with skills and confidence as they take on careers, gap years or further study.

The event was established in hopes of building a community of strong, aspirational and independent women who will back each other, challenge current norms, support innovation, grow ideas and sow the seeds of hope for the next generation.

Wāhine Kākano is supported by the Human Rights Commission, Māori Women’s Welfare League, National Council of Women and is proudly sponsored by several large corporate organisations.

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