Privacy policy

Privacy and transparency statement

Use of the Commission’s website

You may browse and access information contained within the Commission’s website without providing any personal information. 

Where you voluntarily provide personal information (eg. through submitting an online form or email requests), we will only use that information to communicate with you. We will keep any such information secure and will not disclose it to any third parties. 

Information Gathering Model Standards

In addition, the Human Rights Commission accords with the State Services Commission’s Information Gathering Model Standards where they apply to the Commission. Please note that the Human Rights Commission does not have any law enforcement or regulatory compliance responsibilities and does not gather any information for these purposes. 

The Commission’s enquiries and complaints service is a confidential service and operates in compliance with our obligations under the Privacy Act 1993 and the Human Rights Act 1993.  

Both the use and security of personal information gathered by the Commission in respect of any of our functions or activities is managed in accordance with our information management policy and in compliance with the Privacy Act 1993, the Official Information Act 1982, the Public Records Act 2005 and the Human Rights Act 1993. 

Enquiries and complaints

If you have any enquiries about our information gathering activities, wish to view any of your personal information held by us and/or correct that information, or if you have any concerns or wish to lodge a complaint with the Commission about our information gathering practices, please write to:

The Privacy Officer
Human Rights Commission
PO Box 6751