Crown Entities and the Good Employer Annual Report Review

The Human Rights Commission reviews and analyses the reporting of good employer obligations by Crown entities in their annual reports. It also monitors their progress towards equal employment opportunities (EEO) and provides good employer guidance. The Commission's annual good employer review gives Crown entities an indicator report showing their reporting progress.

The Commission's "Crown Entities and the Good Employer" web application allows Crown entities to track their progress across years and compare themselves to others of the same size, type and the sector as a whole.

The results of the Commission’s 2016 Good Employer Annual Report Review of Crown Entities are now available.

The annual reports of 91 Crown Entities have been reviewed for compliance against their Good Employer reporting obligations.

Crown Entities continue to take their Good Employer reporting obligations seriously. The average overall compliance rating has increased 3% from the previous year. Of the 34 Crown Entities that gained 100% compliance, 5 achieved this for the first time. 29 Crown Entities achieved a higher compliance rating than last year.

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