The Yaniv Janson Project

Yaniv Janson: Art

Yaniv Janson is a gifted fine artist residing in Hamilton, New Zealand. Having begun his journey as an artist in November 2007, he has achieved national and global recognition for his impactful work.

Yaniv has showcased his work in over 40 exhibitions, in 4 countries, receiving over 18 awards, scholarships and sponsorships. In addition, he has sold over 150 paintings and his work is collected in New Zealand and overseas.

Now in his early 20’s, Yaniv’s mission is to raise awareness about environmental and social issues and inspire audiences to create change – through art. 

Below is just a small selection of Yaniv's art. To view his full archive, follow this link.

Title: Rich And Poor Have Different Views

Title: Sudoku Corrupted

Title: Rich and Poor Houses

Title: Rich, Middle Class and Poor

Title: Houses On Mountains With Great Views

Title: 3 Houses

Title: Minds Eye Collection

Title: Stripes

Title: Beehives On Green Moutain