Bullying in the Workplace training kit

Bullying is a difficult issue to deal with in the workplace. This training kit has been produced by the Commission and works to encourage positive workplaces where human capital is valued and enhanced. Because of the harm that bullying causes, it is important that employers, unions and workers keep up to date with trends.

This kit looks at what workplace bullying is, what the law says, and examines the costs to employers. The Commission is currently delivering the training kit as a 6 month pilot programme and would appreciate your feedback on this material. Please send any comments or feedback to [email protected].

To access these documents, please click on the links below:

  • Bullying Training Module – Facilitators’ Manual: A manual to be used by workshop facilitators, comprising a framework, powerpoint slides, notes to go with the slides and an optional exercise for participants. (PDF and Word)
  • Bullying Training Module – Participants’ Manual: A manual to be handed out to the participants in the workshop (PDF and Word)